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Remember that U-KISS semi pimp post I did a gazillion years ago that was mainly a self-indulgent expression of love? Well, here's one on miss A since I am extremely fond of them and they deserve more love. As you probably know if you've seen my U-KISS pimpin' pimpage, I am incredibly biased, tend to ramble and go off on tangents. You are warned! (This post is however, actually coded/formatted with some effort as opposed to my U-KISS one lol)

miss A

(L-R: Jia, Suzy, Fei, Min)

miss A stands for miss Asia. Their name stems from their desire to become the best girl group in Asia and also from their ambition to be 'A grade'. They are part of JYP Entertainment which also houses Wonder Girls, 2AM, 2PM, etc. Half of the members (Fei and Jia) are from China and Min spent her trainee period in the US so between the 4 of them, they speak Mandarin, Korean and English.

What stands out about miss A for me amongst all the other groups out there is that all the members are ridiculously talented. Their live performances are always impeccable. Their stage presence and charisma is amazing. But enough gushing, let's get on with this.

| members | history/discography | live performances |
| other videos | pictures/gifs |

Birth name: Wang Feifei (王霏霏)
Birthday: April 27, 1987
Position: Main Vocalist

Fei is gorgeous. She was scouted by a JYPE rep on her way to a dance school in Guang Zhou. Fans often refer to her as goddess because she is just that stunning and classy. Her Korean isn't that great so she just sits back and looks gorgeous during interviews. Fei is seen as the quiet, composed and mature one. According to her members however, Fei is completely different in the dorms. Apparently, she's the one that cracks them all up and lifts their spirits.

Fei's voice is really suited for ballads and she is able to convey a lot of emotions with her singing. Her dancing is also phenomenal. She was trained in traditional Chinese folk dance before joining JYP. There are a lot of pre-debut videos of Fei and Jia dancing as part of JYP Sisters which highlights their dancing abilities.



Birth name: Meng Jia (孟佳)
Birthday: February 3, 1989
Position: Vocalist, Lead Dancer and Rapper

(Yes, this is the Jia that I make regular one-sided proposals to on twitter.)
Jia is swag personified. She majored in Chinese ethnic dance at the Beijing Modern Music Institute before falling in love with hip-hop and completely changing her style. She was selected to join JYPE at an audition held at her school. Jia is so fierce and beast on stage that some of her fans call her 'oppa'. Despite this, the members all attest to her being the most girly and princess-like in miss A. Jia is close friends with HyunA of 4Minute since they trained together before debut and Heechul from Super Junior since she was coerced to be is his Chinese teacher. She even appeared in Heenim's Close Ur Mouth MV.

lol, i had to include this because of the epic fail on both their parts. jia went for a high-5 whilst heenim went for the bro-fist.

The singing lines in miss A are pretty much split evenly within the girls even with the different assigned roles. To be honest, Jia's voice is the weakest out of everyone in terms of range but she is great at singing whilst dancing. She has a very distinct singing voice and rapping tone. She admitted to struggling with rapping Korean at first since her grasp of the language wasn't great. Apparently JYP scolded her for lack of fluidity when rapping in Korean and she was like 'let's see you rap in Chinese then'. Jia is my favourite dancer out of the miss A members even though Min has an edge on her in terms of technical ability. Jia's dancing is just so charismatic and I can't help but pay attention to her on stage. P.S. Jia is also very bendy.



Birth name: Lee Min Young (이민영)
Birthday: June 21, 1991
Position: Lead Vocalist and Main Dancer

Min is the crazy one that appears on a lot of variety shows. She is known for her 'kkab' (over the top, really energetic) dancing and being a big eater. Min entered JYPE the earliest and spent the longest time training alongside Jo Kwon of 2AM and Sunye from Wonder Girls. At 13, Min was part of a dance duo called Little Winners with SNSD's Hyoyeon. They were jaw-droppingly amazing together and remain the best of friends. Min moved to the American branch of JYPE for 6 years to prepare for a solo US debut. Obviously, that didn't turn out as planned but as a result, she is very extroverted and speaks fluent English.

If you only want to know one thing about Min, let it be this:

Min's voice has a very rich, deep timbre to it that is very soothing to the ears. Her voice suits R&B songs the best in my opinion. Her dancing skills are mind-blowing. As I said before, she is technically superb and is one of the best dancers in kpop.



Birth name: Bae Su-ji (배수지)
Birthday: October 10, 1994
Position: Vocalist and Maknae (lol i love how maknae is a ~position~)

Suzy is the youngest of the bunch and also the tallest. She is probably the most well-known member since she MCs Music Core and acts. She is also the resident 4D member. According to Min, she is a bit left of center and in her own little world. She doesn't have any aegyo and 'pukes' at even the thought of having to act it. She is really adorably blunt. She is also adorably clingy to her members, especially Fei. Suzy initially auditioned for a Korean talent show 'Superstar K'. Despite not making it through past the semi-finals, she was spotted by some JYPE scouts and became a trainee. Before debut, she was a model for an online shopping mall.
P.S. Suzy has flawless tastes in men, liking Wooyoung, Eunhyuk and Yoseob the most out of their respective groups.

Suzy is my favourite singer out of the members. Her voice is so naturally effortless and has a clear, resonating bright tone. She was just born to sing. On the other hand, Suzy gets so much flack for her dancing skills. I think it's really unfair that she's sometimes pointed out for not being as brilliant as her members. She may be the weakest in terms of dancing but there is nothing wrong with it. In fact, if she was part of another group, her dancing skills would be praised. There is also a marked improvement on her musicality when dancing compared to her debut days.
She debuted as an actor earlier this year in the drama 'Dream High'. I personally liked her acting as the character Hyemi. Some of my favourite scenes were hers (and Wooyoungs because let's face it, the Hyemi and Jason passive-aggressive bitch fights over Pilsook is hilarious).
Since she's kind of the 'public face' of miss A, she gets a lot of undeserved hate sometimes. The dancing, the acting and the weight hate are all so unwarranted. PEOPLE, SHE IS ONLY 17, GIVE THE KID A BREAK. .../rant



Back in their trainee days, miss A were originally a five member group composed of Fei, Jia, Lim (who is now part of Wonder Girls) and two other girls. They were slanted to be the Chinese version of the Wonder Girls. They frequently appeared on variety shows in China and were known as the JYP Sisters.

After Lim joined Wonder Girls and the two other members left JYPE, it was decided that Fei and Jia would be joined by Suzy. The three began their first official pre-debut activities in China and released a commercial song called Love Again in 2010. There's a Korean and Mandarin version but I liked the Mandarin version better. Personally, I'm not a great fan of this song but it's a great indicator of how much they improved in a year. It's also worth it to see Suzy headbutt a guy, Jia with black hair and Fei just being flawless as usual.

After Min joined the group, miss A made their official debut as a four-member group on June 30, 2010 with the single 'Bad Girl Good Girl' from their debut mini-album 'Bad but Good'. Words cannot express how much I love this song and the concept. It's basically a song telling guys off for judging girls just by their appearance. The subs from the official MV are so lolzy and include such gems as 'Stiletto rocking girls are nothing but hoes? Boy that's low. '

After Bad Girl, Good Girl, miss A released a second mini-album 'Step Up' on September 27, 2010. They promoted the song 'Breathe' from the album. It's a such more fun, upbeat song compared to the bad-assery that was Bad Girl, Good Girl.

On July 18, 2011, miss A finally released their first full-length album 'A Class' and 'Good Bye Baby' was used as the promotional song. The song is about kicking a cheating man to the curb (just paraphrasing here). I loved the MV, it's epic. It's a shame that the subs from the official version is mis-timed D:

miss A's live performances are my favourite thing about them. They all perform with overwhelming conviction, precision and charisma. All of their live performances are worth watching but I'll just embed some of my personal favourites of their promoted songs.

Bad Girl, Good Girl


Good Bye Baby

There are a lot of interviews, snippets from various variety shows and other great clips on miss A but if I embed them all, I think my post would explode. This section will therefore be ~links galore~. Oh how I wish miss A had their own show or at least Real miss A like 2PM and Wonder Girls have D:

This is a great interview focused on Suzy when Fei, Jia and Min crashed Suzy's filming site for Dream High.
Here's an insightful, funny interview where they reveal some interesting stories about their fans, themselves and other JYP groups. Sadly, Suzy was filming.
Another cute interview in which Min breaks into English at times and Fei insists she's not slow
This is one of many Chinese interviews they did. I love Chinese interviews because it gives Jia and Fei a chance to talk more :D
Yet another Chinese interview. They play a little game of picking which member suits which description most.
This is from the conference they did when they held a showcase in Singapore.
Min and Suzy show off their Chinese during an interview.

A performance of Breathe where Min accidentally kicks off her shoe and remains a bamf.
Another Good Bye Baby comeback performance where they also performed Love Alone.
Speaking of Love Alone, this is the MV for Love Alone which contains snippets of their live performance of the song.
A really amazing dance performance by Fei and Jia before Min and Suzy joins in to perform BGGG and Breathe.
They do an awesome cover of Lady Gaga's Poker Face.
A performance of Blankly, a softer ballad from one of their singles.
Fei and Jia kill the stage with a dance special and then perform a dance cover of Beyonce's Run the World.
A joint dance stage with 2PM.
A joint performance of Rihanna's Umbrella with 2AM.
Jia's dance solo in Beijing and Min's dance solo in Beijing.
Another live performance of one of the ballads in their singles.

Good Bye Baby winning on Inkigayo and Jo Kwon joins his eternal kkab sibling Min for a bit, also, goddess!Fei 'pushes' Jia :D
Speaking of the kkab siblings, Jo Kwon promotes Min's kkab on a show and Min runs wild with it.
Good Bye Baby dance rehearsal.
Good Bye Baby dance tutorial where Min's kkab is once again exposed.
This is a really cool advertisement they did for a soccer game.
Jia leaves a message for fans and gets trolled by Min and Suzy.
Min, Jo Kwon troll Sunye during the making of This Christmas, a song by JYP Nation which is a collab with all the artists under JYPE.
Another making of This Christmas cut in which Nickhkun, Fei and Suzy are adorable dancing together. And another one where Khun feeds Suzy.
Jia goes a bit overboard cheering for Suzy.

Man that was long and tedious. Hope I've at least swayed some people into becoming a Say A (yes, that is their fanclub name lol).

Check them out on their Youtube channel!
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[ profile] bad_but_good - fanworks community
[ profile] madein_asia - graphics community

Credits to whomever have the rights to the photos, made the gifs etc.
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