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Hi, I'm Ivy. *waves*
Just a typical fangirl dwelling in the black-hole that is fandom.
I have sporadic bouts of inspiration that occasionally turns into fic/graphics and such.
My sense of humour is warped, slightly immature, peculiar and just that little bit demented.
Don't be offended by my word vomit :D

Masterpost of stuff I've unleashed from the dark depths of the thing I call a brain:
animated Arashi icons, animated Arashi mood theme, Ohnoes sparkle text, Christmas Arashi+Ohno-centric icons, 3 random icons, AKB48+Ohno-centric icons, sho+ohno icons from Non-no spread, drabble with forever-alone!Jun+Ohmiya, collab with [ profile] isaofdoom titled Jun's life is hard, various 2PM, Arashi, Big Bang, Kinki Kids & U-Kiss icons

Posts pertaining only to fandom are public, the private ones are mainly boring/emo rants about rl. If you want to add me for fandom posts, go ahead. If you want to get to know me, comment here :)

Name/Nickname: CALL ME IVYSAUR.
Location: Melbourne, Australia (originally from Hong Kong) PLEASE BE MY FRIEND IF YOU ARE AUSTRALIAN. I'M TRYING TO CATCH 'EM ALL.
What makes me happy: FLAILING. FANGIRLING. FUCKING. FART JOKES. (MY) F-LIST. FANDOM. Other stuff not beginning with F.
Current fandoms: Arashi is my main fandom. I'm also active in other JA fandoms, especially Kinki Kids. I lurk in a gazillion fandoms, including Big Bang, Super Junior, One Day (2AM + 2PM), Tokio, V6, SMAP, AKB48, miss A, 2ne1, U-KISS, Supernatural, House, Arrested Development, Glee, Merlin, Hawaii Five-0, How I met your Mother, 30 Rock, Modern Family, Dexter and a lot more. Scroll through my 'members of' and we'll probably have some fandoms in common.
Interesting fact: I'm kick-ass awesome at Minesweeper (when compared to normal, non-addicted people).
Favourite colour/food/place: Azure/I LOVE FOOD but I'll have to say sandwiches/Scienceworks and IKEA
I am easily distracted. I like shiny things. I like moving things. I like double rainbows.
I also tend to abuse the caps lock key. seriously abuse it, you are warned!
I am a dedicated stalker in various comms as I like topping.
I like the Disney Channel nonironically.

Bandwidth shall be indiscriminately slaughtered in my presence (cue diabolical cackle).
I'm destined to be that psycho cat lady or that weird uncle that comes to the annual family reunion to leer at you inappropriately.

I should also warn you that I will come on to you regardless of your gender if you possess even a shred of awesome.
I'm a firm believer of equal opportunity and I'm less than straight. (Please fuck off if you have a problem with that :) KTHX)

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