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My mini Ohno shrine has turned into a Arashi and Kinki wall :D
Look at me, expanding my horizons and all.
(lol and clearly, my no smoking sign is not working)

Yeah so I have too much time on my hands.
71 icons.
{10} 2PM {17} Arashi {18} Big Bang {9} Kinki Kids {17} U-Kiss
2PM, Arashi, Big Bang, Kinki Kids, U-Kiss )
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It's Australia Day! What am I doing instead of having a BBQ and chowing down some lamb?
Nursing a slight fever and fiddling around with Photoshop at home. Life, I has it.
Oh well, have an icon batch.

6 AKB and 10 Arashi (mostly of Ohno) icons )
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8 seasonal icons +14 others )